Interested in Tattoos?

Lots of people are. Here is a contemporary artist/illustrator/designer/tattoo artist, Mitch O'Connell, who is makin' his way. He's got a good blog. Check out the link here: Mitch O'Connell's Blog.

This image is the cover of his recent book. You can find a link to his book (on Amazon) on the right-hand side of this blog.


Polish Posters- Have a Look!

More quick, but amazing, research! Here's a nifty little visual survey of Polish posters. Want to break out of your standard conceptual and/or layout thinking? Take a look at some of these:

Featured here:

GRIDO, 1962
En las tinieblas_1977

Metanoia 2009

In the spirit of providing even more interesting links for ART 3210's (ongoing) research on our current project, Posters for Metanoia 2009, here is a link you should check out. While you're there you can also follow links to other resources that would spark your brain cells. You can't go overboard on information at this stage!



Artist/printmakers Greg Nanney and Nick Alley from Drive By Press will be visiting the department on Sept. 24 and 25.
•       Thursday, September 24 at 7:00pm. they will give a presentation in rm 106 ARTB.
•       Friday, September 25 at 9:00 am they will display lots of prints collected from across the country on tables in the pit.
•       At 10:00 Friday they will start printing t-shirts with woodblocks at the mobile press (a cool set-up fabricated on the back of their vehicle) at either the print shop or next to the art building.

See drivebypress.orgdrivebypress.com. Better still, google Drive By Press Images – lots about them online!



The first opportunity of the new semester is up! Get crackin'!

(Click the title. It's a link. Then bookmark it. Or use the link to your right.)


TWO Tickets LEFT!

That's right, "Art Out Loud," the SI workshop with TOP sci-fi and fantasy illustrators is SOLD OUT. Except I have two tickets left!! 'Cause I'm the best professah evah!! (Last year we were shut out).

But seriously, this will be one heckuva show, so why don't you join us?! Ticket is $10 cash at the event (they're holding it for you).

Oh yeah, and you'll be able to see the awesome "Spectrum" show as well. Your jaw will drop. Really.