Rochelle Baross, Cover Illustration!

Rochelle Baross, current undergraduate, created this great scratchboard cover illustration for Children's Literature Association Quarterly and it gets distributed to 1,000+ children's literature scholars within a few weeks. You can also see it at Project Muse while this issue is current: Project Muse

Well done, Rochelle, and continued success!


ILLABORATE: You Are Not Alone!

ILLABORATE- The Collaborative Illustration Project: visit ILLABORATE here!

"ILLABORATE is the perfect marriage of inspiration, motivation and pressure, because you’re not in it alone. Someone else is counting on you to finish what they’ve started or to start what they’ll finish."

Read more about ILLABORATE at their site or here at Escape From Illustration Island.


The Power of Visual Symbols

A great editorial by Steven Heller on the power of symbols. Kids, we're gonna talk about this one in class so: read Heller's article here

Illustrators and designers create our visual landscape.
What does it mean to you to "take responsibility" for what you create?