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Raab Prize, 2012!

Congratulations to Mikey Karpiel and Tony Russello, winner and runner-up, respectively, of the 2012 Raab Associates Prize! The prize is offered annually to the illustrator who best meets the challenge of working with a children's text.

Their work was singled out for the awards by a jury including: UConn alum (and totally famous marketing agent) Susan Salzman Raab, sponsor of the prize; Terri Goldich, Curator of the Northeast Children's Literature Collection at the Dodd Center at UConn; Barbara McClintock, world-renown children's book illustrator; Jane Yolen, internationally known writer and author of our text. Barbara McClintock even critiqued our work- thanks, Barbara! All of the festivities took place at the Connecticut Children's Book Fair held on the campus of The University of Connecticut on November 10th.

Artwork by Mikey Karpiel

Artwork by Tony Russello

Brinley Franklin, David Raab, Susan Raab and Alison Paul

Terri Goldich with Barbara McClintock

Barbara McClintock signing for fans

Photos courtesy the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center and the Connecticut Children's Book Fair!


MoCCA and SoI Merge

For anyone who follows comics news, you may have heard that recently the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art bit the dust... well, not exactly. They've merged with the Society of Illustrators and now have permanent gallery space alongside works from the Society's collection. Here's a great article here: "When Museums Cohabitate" by Kevin McCloskey.

So, the next time you visit the Society, you're also visiting MoCCA. And it's all still free. Yippee!!


Visiting Guest Artist, Jon Foster!

We were treated to a visit by Jon Foster today. Check out his work here:  Jon Foster Studio. Definitely go to his site for a review of the work he showed us. PLUS, how about his emphasis on "process," eh? Good times! Do those thumbnails, kids!


Arts Market Discovery/Crafting a Public Identity

What a great day! We enjoyed a day-long workshop/panel discussion on the joys, pitfalls, and responsibilities of crafting your brand and marketing your work via social media. It was a wealth of information and we're all the richer for it. Thank you, Susan Salzman Raab, CEO of Raab Associates, for spearheading this effort!

Susan Raab presents to us a mind-boggling array of social media outlets.

Panelists Charles Coe, Jeff Raab, Roxie Munro, Laura Rossi Totten and Sharon Butler share their expertise.
Our other panelists had an enormous amount of information to share in the afternoon. Please visit some of their websites to see more of what they do! Charles CoeJeff Raab, Laura Rossi Totten, Roxie Munro, and Sharon Butler. If you missed this, look for more of these events in the future. It was a killer day!


Visiting Guest Artist, Christopher Lyles

We had a great opportunity to interact with Christopher Lyles (illustrator, writer, designer) AND see a demo of his working process for children's books, greeting cards and gallery work. Here are some pictures from this lively event. Thank you Christopher!

See more of Chris's work here: Christopher Lyles


Drawing On Site!

Drawing, drawing, drawing. We probably don't do as much as we should, and, yet, there is subject matter all around us to work with. Take a look at these two artists who make fabulous works on site in both exciting and ordinary places. First up, Melanie Reim:

©Melanie Reim

Visit her website, "Sketchbook Seduction" to see more and read about her adventures!

Also check out Gabriel Campanario, from Seattle:

©Gabriel Camanario

Good stuff! Visit his blog at Gabicampanario to learn more about him and his work!


ART 1010 Xerox Transfer Workshop

Beginning students transferring xerox copies/laser prints using Ben-Gay rub. Not only did we make good art, we smelled fresh and had relaxed muscles, too! These prints will become part of the bookmaking process in the weeks to come. There might be some illustrators in this group!


Hard At Work

Vinnie and Eric get down with climate change in the new assignment, "Idea Generator:Arctic Sea Ice"


We're Back (And Better Than Ever). Welcome!

Welcome to the new academic year! There are lots of exciting activities and projects planned in Illustration at UConn, so stay tuned. First off, students will participate in "Arts Market Discovery," a workshop presented by Susan Salzman Raab, an alum and friend to the Department. We appreciate her expertise, and the expertise of the other panelists as well, and it's sure to be a dynamic experience. Students, sign up now!