Visiting Illustrators! Wednesday, November 18th!

Meet us in the Pit on Wednesday, November 18th, at 6 pm, for an evening with three great illustrators: Bill Thomson, Doug Andersen, and Dennis Nolan. Yowza!! That's a whole lotta illustrators. Are we lucky, or what?!?! Check out some of their work here:

Bill Thomson,Doug Andersen and Dennis Nolan

Be there to see their original stuff, hear war stories about the biz, and participate in a casual Q&A exchange. These folks are super-talented and are looking forward to meeting you, too!

This image ©Bill Thomson. Event generously sponsored by the Straightors Fund.


Blab! (For Our Latest Project)

Visual storytelling doesn't get much better than THIS for us illustration folks. Blab! is an annual collection of illustrated work gathered and edited by Monty Beauchamp, designer and art director. It is SO worth a look-see!

Check out Blab! for a head-start on your survey of the tremendous variety of approaches to visual storytelling that are possible. Get inspired!


Children's Book Fair This Weekend!

It's here again! And don't miss it- it's a great opportunity to see terrific (terrific) authors and illustrators for children's books. It's a real list of super-stars, so come by to see some of the presentations or get some autographs on your favorite books. Take a look:  link to the 2009 Book Fair