Want some figure reference for that demanding professor and to make your stuff look kick-a**?! Then head on over to Posemaniacs.com and take a look around. The figures there are modeled in CGI and you can move them around, even throw a grid over them to help you draw. What are you waiting for?! Draw better figures! (Thank you, Nicole Salamone)


Peace Corps 50th Extravaganza!

It was a great celebration and ART 3210 was there in force with our beautiful posters on display at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. Well done, ART 3210- it was a lot of hard work and worth every second!

Some of us with Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Deputy Director Peace Corps... who adores our work!

ART 3210 students contemplating their show.
Good news! Our show will travel to the Regional Campuses and also to Washington DC to hang in the Peace Corps offices. Watch this space for additional news as the time approaches.