Fabric Illustration- Amazing and Smart!

Hey, click on that title up there to see some great fabric illustration courtesy of Margaret Cusak, via Liz Lomax's great 3-D blog, "Working in the 3rd Dimension."

This image of Bill Gates was created by Margaret Cusak and is posted especially for John Allie.


Animation Fans!

Check out these shorts, under "Paper in Action," posted by Ward Jenkins over on Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog:

Fabulous shorts, useful for some Seniors I know, and  ain't talkin' about my 90-year old great aunts!

These are short, so watch 'em all. Then watch this video about:

How they made the Beringer Advert


From Amazing Stories to Weird Tales: Pulp Art!

Friday the 29th at the Benton!

5-7 Reception for "From Amazing Stories to Weird Tales: Pulp Art" and "The Old and the New: Recent Acquisitions and Works from the Collections"

This will be a great way to begin the semester. Do not miss it! + Free cheese cubes, guaranteed!