For Our New Grads (and Current Undergrads)

What can you expect, career-wise, as far as a timeline goes? This excellent post from MuddyColors.com, and shared with us by Christian Castro, Secretary of EPIC, is a keeper. Read and ponder: Excellent Career Post


ART 2210 Garden Sculptures for New Urban Farmers

Some shots of ART 2210 making and installing their recycled garden sculptures for New Urban Farmers in Pawtucket, RI. It was a great project and we look forward to working with them again!

Kristen, Alex, Cassie and Mallory dig into materials.

Kofi, Allison, Casey and Emma make a tree.

Hayden and Jessie plan out pinwheel fish.

Sculpture arrives in Pawtucket!

Mallory, Jordan and Pookie, in the orchard.

Hayden drives in a stake for pinwheel fish.

Tony, Alex and Jordan M. fasten the mosaic, while Jordan J. supervises.

Mallory and the birdbath.

All done. Thanks, New Urban Farmers!

Thanks to all the New Urban Farmers we met that day and especially to Liz Talbot for supervising us! Check out their nice link to more pictures here: New Urban Farmers


New Urban Farmers Project

Newest ART 2210 project- outdoor sculpture for New Urban Farmers' "Garden of Life" at Galego Court! We're embarking on a really fun assignment and working in conjunction with New Urban Farmers in Pawtucket, RI to create garden sculptures using repurposed materials.

Read more about New Urban Farmers and get hip to their mission. We are! 

Image © New Urban Farmers Rhode Island/Liz Talbot

Save the Date! April 23rd - starting at 9:00 a.m for volunteers/ 1:00 p.m. for Earth Day Clean up and Greenhouse tour at Galego Court - visit New Urban Farmers website for details.


Martin Lemelman, Visiting Rock Stah Artist!

Visiting artist Martin Lemelman recently treated us to his work AND penny candy as part of his UConn gig. We saw everything from children's work to magazine work to graphic novels and loved every minute of it. It was a great show and we learned a lot. Thanks, Martin, for being so generous with your time! See his work here: Martin Lemelman

Martin's artwork wasn't the only treat! Here we are sucking down penny candy.

Martin Lemelman shows us original work.

Bees! (And Beekeeping)

On our way to the hives. It was a cold and windy day, but we were not deterred!

Amy Gronus shows us some honey from the hives.

ART 2210 was fortunate to visit the  UConn apiary during our recent project on bees and beekeeping. Here Amy Gronus shows us the hives. Thanks, Amy!



Want some figure reference for that demanding professor and to make your stuff look kick-a**?! Then head on over to Posemaniacs.com and take a look around. The figures there are modeled in CGI and you can move them around, even throw a grid over them to help you draw. What are you waiting for?! Draw better figures! (Thank you, Nicole Salamone)


Peace Corps 50th Extravaganza!

It was a great celebration and ART 3210 was there in force with our beautiful posters on display at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. Well done, ART 3210- it was a lot of hard work and worth every second!

Some of us with Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Deputy Director Peace Corps... who adores our work!

ART 3210 students contemplating their show.
Good news! Our show will travel to the Regional Campuses and also to Washington DC to hang in the Peace Corps offices. Watch this space for additional news as the time approaches.


Reserve March 2nd: Peace Corps Poster Time!

Image ©2011 Jake Anderson

The University of Connecticut Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps!

Be with us at the Dodd Center on Wednesday, March 2nd, 4 pm- 6 pm, to celebrate 50 years and see our posters in action. Dignitaries, including Senator Dodd, will be there along with many past (and future?) volunteers. It will be a great party! See you there!


Rochelle Baross, Cover Illustration!

Rochelle Baross, current undergraduate, created this great scratchboard cover illustration for Children's Literature Association Quarterly and it gets distributed to 1,000+ children's literature scholars within a few weeks. You can also see it at Project Muse while this issue is current: Project Muse

Well done, Rochelle, and continued success!


ILLABORATE: You Are Not Alone!

ILLABORATE- The Collaborative Illustration Project: visit ILLABORATE here!

"ILLABORATE is the perfect marriage of inspiration, motivation and pressure, because you’re not in it alone. Someone else is counting on you to finish what they’ve started or to start what they’ll finish."

Read more about ILLABORATE at their site or here at Escape From Illustration Island.


The Power of Visual Symbols

A great editorial by Steven Heller on the power of symbols. Kids, we're gonna talk about this one in class so: read Heller's article here

Illustrators and designers create our visual landscape.
What does it mean to you to "take responsibility" for what you create?