Super-Exciting Project Part II! (Bookplates, Remember?)

Ok, I know most of you have put aside the Super Bowl to work on your bookplate assignment, which is entirely normal and also very collegiate. Good for you! It's time to be reminded, though, of what is due for this coming week.

Yes, Sunday evening is a downer for all of us, and if I'm going to suffer, then so are you.

#1: Remember that linocut and scratchboard are BOTH "reductive" processes. That means think about this as you cut or scratch. If this is confusing be sure to look at the (really good) scratchboard demo that's been posted. There are visuals there of what you should NOT do (i.e. "a common mistake," and "it's not a negative"). That's in red. Red equals NOT.

#2: Come into class on Thursday the 7th with your work far enough along that you can finish it by noon. Those of you with blocks will then print. Those of you with scratchboard will scan. I'll help you do this, so watch the in-class demo if you've not scanned anything before. The equipment may suck but you don't have to!
(If you are printing a linocut, print on a variety of papers; the texture of the paper you print on can be used in the final digital image).

#3: Store your image on ArtSpace.

#4: Then we'll have a workshop on making a sticker sheet in InDesign- all you have to do is pay attention and follow along. Harder than it sounds!

By Thursday, February 14th, you should have the
completed image in a digital file, a sheet of stickers in an InDesign document, and a printout of the sticker sheet.

Also, be prepared at that time to present your project in critique. Let us know what became the focus of your project. Think about whether or not your image is effective at the smaller size.