A-L-M-O-S-T Break... But Not Quite

Ok, as you careen into the Spring Break week please keep these things in mind with regard to ART 271-02:

Our blogs need an infusion of creativity. I'm checking them out over the break. So far you have added a CafePress Store link and added a Flickr link. Now, put stuff in both of those places so that we have something to see when we follow your links, instead of feeling like idiots for blindly following your "links-to-nowhere."

You're working on assignment #3, "Calendar." Don't lose sight of this completely in the mists of inebriation that will cloud your vision as you laze about Cancun, Ibiza, or wherever else you are celebrating Spring Bacchanal. We continue on our work full speed ahead the following week. Think of the return as your ART Bacchanal! Come back with thumbnails, 3 roughs, 1 color comp. Show value decisions. Decide on a major palette. Don't overcomplicate the color! Use reference! LOOK at other illustration work! LOOK at other ways of making work!

Invest in the process and the great product will evolve from that.