Let's Think A Little Bit More About Images That Communicate

As promised, here is a paper-free article for you to read. This article, "Ode To Illustration," by Steven Heller, appeared in AIGA magazine in 2004. AIGA, if you don't already know, is a professional organization and AIGA magazine is one of their publications (hard copy and web). It is centered on visual communication and the issues and developments therein.

In short, they write about visual stuff you'll find interesting.

But (and here's the bad news), you do have to read. Yes, read. Terrifically old-fashioned, I know, but still one of the best ways to engage information in a participatory (not passive) way. That's important.

Do it. And feel free to peruse related links that come up on the right hand side. You won't be sorry! Sign up for a "web account" (free) for some expanded access.