There are some great illustrators coming in to classes in the near future at UConn and anyone who is in the area is free to stop in. Ask questions! Get inspired! Leave jazzed!

Monday, April 20th, Lindy Tucker will visit Senior Project around 3 pm. She wrote and illustrated her own book, then took it around, eventually getting a publisher in Michigan to pick it up and Borders to distribute it (or something like that). She's in the middle of a second book for the same publisher. So, she has a great entrepreneurial story to tell. You'll benefit from it!

Tuesday, April 21st, Iris Van Rynbach will visit an illustration class around 1 pm. She's working on 4 different articles right now, or something. You can see her work and resume here:

Iris Van Rynbach's website

Thursday, April 30th, Alison Paul will visit an illustration class, also around 1 pm. She's a great person, young (i.e. you'll relate), and really easy to talk with. You can see some of her work here:

Alison Paul's book

She's currently working on another book and has lots of stories to share.

So, if you are available, stop by!! This is all happening in Room #108! Such a hotbed of creativity, that room!!