Free Graffiti Space!! (No Kidding)

From your friends at LAVA:

The leaders of UConn Facilities and The Front Desk at UConn have donated their time and effort in helping us renovate and recycle the abandoned handball court between the North and Northwest residence halls. It is now the UConn Open Art Space, a legalized graffiti and painting zone with official signage, ladders, lexan painting panels, and two huge concrete walls for painting (possible night lighting to come).  LAVA is so happy and proud to have facilitated this change and contributed to campus culture in this manner. We celebrated the opening of this space with musical guests Sleepwell, Neighbors, Tyler Bussey, and Benedict Gagliardi, and free spraypaint for all.

(text and images courtesy Caitlin Yates and Kaitlin Archambault- thanks!)