Arts Market Discovery/Crafting a Public Identity

What a great day! We enjoyed a day-long workshop/panel discussion on the joys, pitfalls, and responsibilities of crafting your brand and marketing your work via social media. It was a wealth of information and we're all the richer for it. Thank you, Susan Salzman Raab, CEO of Raab Associates, for spearheading this effort!

Susan Raab presents to us a mind-boggling array of social media outlets.

Panelists Charles Coe, Jeff Raab, Roxie Munro, Laura Rossi Totten and Sharon Butler share their expertise.
Our other panelists had an enormous amount of information to share in the afternoon. Please visit some of their websites to see more of what they do! Charles CoeJeff Raab, Laura Rossi Totten, Roxie Munro, and Sharon Butler. If you missed this, look for more of these events in the future. It was a killer day!