I can't. Too fast! But, that being said, here is the finals schedule for ART 3210, Fall 2008:

ART 3210-001, 12/12/2008 F, 10:30 AM~12:30 PM ARTB 108
ART 3210-002, 12/12/2008 F, 08:00 AM~10:00 AM ARTB 108

Section 001 is the lucky duck this time around. For section 002, that 8 am start time is brutal- just remember it's brutal for all of us! We'll have special holiday fare at our finals, though, so don't be late (we have to crit right away 'cause we only have two hours). You're very sad about the time limit, I know.

We'll be holding critique on "Pirates" that day, and you'll turn in your Free Text Friday notebooks as well, so the forthcoming two weeks are your opportunity to catch up on those!