Wow! How Great Was THAT?!

Hey Contestants! Are we so lucky or what?! All of this illustration firepower in our midst for a true in-depth experience! This was a crazy-good way for us to learn about the creative inner (and outer) workings of four top author-illustrators.

We really put them to work (as evidenced by their weary countenances upon leaving UConn, Husky Water bottles in hand), but they happily obliged. There was a little (a lotta, actually) something for everyone as we learned about the client-artist working relationship, how to get started professionally, how to generate ideas and your own creative space, how to conceptualize an entire book before finalizing the art, and on and on and on. I wish they could've stayed a week! I'll bet they did too, seeing as how food magically appeared every few hours (courtesy of our very own Dodd Center) and the hotel has a pool.

But seriously, wouldn't you love to have these guys and gal back sometime soon? You betcha! Don't forget, you can always send a postcard (of your work, silly) to your new illustration BFF's to say "hey" now and then.

Coming soon... a link to more photos on Flickr...