Birds and More Birds

I'm about to put some further directions on the blog along with a quick calendar of how our year is wrapping up (gasp!!). For this week you'll proceed to work in class on the 9 card series/set of images as well as produce the sketch/comp for the single, large piece. This might be tough, because you are working with mixed media. Do the best you can to indicate to me (the Art Director) what/how you are thinking.

If you want to branch out and have more blanks to work with buy some cards. There is not a limit on these small, immediate pieces. The flavor you get going in those will help inform your larger piece and vice-versa.

Here are the links we explored in class (among others):

Example #1
Example #2

These need to be mixed-media pieces, so mix it up! See you in studio this week- work day!