This Week- Big BIRD Doin's! And Who is Ustad Mansur?

Ok, campers, bring to class this week the following items, 'cause we're working up a STORM of visual BIRDNESS on the heels of our total immersion in "Ornithology" last week! Here goes:

Those markers we talked about last week (set of cold or warm grays, not mixed, and a black sharpie).

Bring your regular art kit with stuff to make color (pencils, paints, markers, and/or pastels, etc.), cut things (scissors, or X-acto knife), adhere things (masking tape, glue stick, or acrylic medium) and your notes from last week's activities.

Your genius text (you're writing this, remember? 1-2 paragraphs of intelligence, wit and/or profound musings on birds, birding, or another bird-related avenue you've been led down through your research).

For more inspiration, click here: CLICK HERE, or HERE, or HERE , or HERE, and so on. I mean, stretch your (bird)brain!