From My Deathbed...

4/24/08: "Birds" studio time
Come with 8.5 x 11 piece as a dummy with values (gray marker set). Bring as many cards as you have done. Prepare to go forward great guns with both! More! More! MORE!

InDesign demo (if enough of our computers are working- all bets are off, as you know)
Scan your calendar pieces!
Calendar wrap-up information: where we can print and how

5/1/08: "Birds" due: critique on final art (we will pop into layouts during studio)
Calendars, continue; InDesign continues
Appropriation vs Plagiarism: "Obey Giant" or "Obey Plagiarist"

Final: You are online moguls! Everything will be online!
Individual blogs up and complete: all work from the semester with some genius text!
CafePress stores stocked!
Calendar specs for ordering!

This is AMAZING!!

I still feel lousy.
In the immortal words of one Dan Clowes, comic genius and author of "Art School Confidential,"   "Hope I die soon."

But, if not, I'll see you Thursday (that's actually my preference).