Charrette: Change: Update

Hi Students,

Here is the latest update on the Charrette project. Tonight's critique is cancelled. In lieu of this meeting we will:
  • Continue to work individually
  • Work in class
  • Post all of your work thus far to the blog (the five steps from last Friday and your current efforts- directions below).
Be prepared to meet on Monday, February 2nd, at 6 pm.

Be bold, forge ahead, go make your work!

Prof. d

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From: Randall Hoyt
Date: Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 3:07 PM

Hello All,

The blog has been edited and is easier to post to now. Please direct your students to:


And have them post their 5 CHANGE actions from the project brief and their work in progress.

There is an INSTRUCTIONS page here:


It is important that all members of the project post their work on this shared space.


1. Students should login with their own name (not a cryptic codename)

2. Students should name their blog post after their project (not "CHANGE") because we already have too many posts named "CHANGE".