The New Guy

So I get an email, click a couple of times, and find myself listed as a contributor, so I better contribute. Might as well introduce myself. I am Gregory Nemec, and I will teach a class at UCONN this semester. You can click on the title or my name to see my website, which shows my work, and which links to my blog, and to the site about my recently published book. A few clicks more once you are on my blog takes you here, to a twenty-two minute movie I directed and edited about illustrators who work while traveling, or live in unusual places, and generally have free-spirited relationships with geography and clients. I made it with illustrator James Yang, it has some of my hand-done animation at the end, and you can watch it during a lunch break. You can also see a few more pieces of art I have in this supplemental portfolio on facebook. Looking forward to the semester!