Friendly Reminder

Hi Tuesday illustrators, remember to bring in:
1. Three illustrators' names (scroll down to Prof. Diddy's and Prof. Argoff's previous entries, they practically did your homework for you!)
2. An example of your own artwork
3. Markers in various gray shades, and black, to work on your Change piece
4. A head full of ideas for your Change piece

Also remember to:
5. Think about ways to represent the abstract idea of non-profit organizations being negatively affected by their for-profit component. You don't have to draw anything, just think. (My solution to the other one I mentioned in class, long-term psychological effects of physical injuries, I realized is here on my website. What would you have drawn?)
6. Visit Drawger, and if you haven't found your way to this part of it, you should. Nice portraits and interviews with real illustrators you can even READ. Here's one of my favorites: