Friday's Meeting: Recap of "Change"

Hi Everyone,

Here are my notes from Friday's activities in the Pit. These notes document what took place and what some of the dialogue centered on. We discussed the Pit space as functioning like a giant sketchbook- nice! So, read this over, then make some work!

The Notes

Put up your documentation of #1 in a row underneath what is already on the walls and try to link it to the existing material.

Repeat with #2, #3, #4 and #5.

Take it in. Look, read, feel, think, respond.

Take a Post-it, write a useful response to something you are considering and post it on/near that item. Try to avoid negative remarks- really think about what you can say in response to what you're seeing.

Open your eyes to a wide array of responses and modes.

What do you relate to that is not yours?

Where are there overlaps? Differences?

How are you thinking, now, about your individual differences?

What do you take away from this exercise in "change?" What do you put into practice, begin to do, strategize for as a result of this experience? How can you make a contribution?

"Whimsey is the most powerful force in the universe." Fun things can be really powerful (dressing up like dollar bills to protest the Co-Op)/

The Arena Gallery functions as a large sketchbook. How can it be transformed into art? Is this similar to an exquisite corpse project?

What are the possibilities? What resources do you have at hand for expanding upon your ideas?

How can we transform an idea into something tangible as artists to make change possible? Think about/reflect upon what you do best and how that might apply.

Individual classes will proceed from here and take the project(s) out of the Arena Gallery. Take in what is here and think about what is waiting here to be tapped. Example: Take a picture of part of this wall and take it with you.

How do we take what we're doing in this space/with this project and not let it end?

Work in classes this week: Tuesday and Thursday.
Wednesday, January 28th, 6 pm, meet in the Pit for critique.
Work is due Monday, February 2nd.